Partners & Collaborators

Here are the organisations we partner with…

Bruce Trapp,
The Cleveland Clinic
Our research aims are to obtain a better understanding of cellular/ molecular events involved in glial cell development and myelin formation in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Yi Wang,,
Weill Cornell NYC
The Cornell MRI Research lab is dedicated to research and education in magnetic resonance imaging.

Gabriele DeLuca,,
University of Oxford, Oxford UK
Dr. De Luca’s research focuses on genetic-pathologic correlations in MS.  He is also interested in the relationship between inflammation and neurodegeneration.


Dr Suzanne Saffie-Siebert,,
SiSaf can transform complex formulation challenges into better medicines with an enriched therapeutic profile for better outcomes.using its patented ProSilic® technology.

Raj Ratan,,
Burke Medical Research Institute
Executive Director
Laboratory for Redox Biology and Neural Protection and Repair Burke Medical Research Institute.

Chris Schaffer,
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Prof. Schaffer's lab develops and uses advanced optical techniques to observe and manipulate in vivo biological systems, with the goal of constructing a microscopic-scale understanding of normal and disease-state physiological processes in the central nervous system.

Fraser Glickman,
Rockefeller University
The High-Throughput and Spectroscopy Resource Center supports researchers in improving the efficiency of bioassays, identifying compounds and genetic modulators of function, and in utilizing core technologies typically applied to biochemical analysis.


Bruno Cohen,
The Galien Foundation, a non-profit organization, recognizes, fosters and rewards excellence in scientific innovation that improves human health. The vision is to catalyze the development of the next generation of innovative treatment and technologies that will improve health and save lives.